Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ashley Kokelj, the owner and operator of Yoga on Tap. With my passion and instruction stemming from yoga, I began to connect to running and biking in the same way I connect with the practice of yoga; an opportunity to disconnect from external pressures and reconnect to what makes our souls thrive.

I enjoy bringing people together in an active setting to engage more outwardly on how we can use physical recreation and tools of yoga to manage our physical and mental health for a happier and healthier lifestyle. From Yoga on Tap has grown our Bike to Beer program and Run to Beer as well as my professional growth into spin and strength instructor on top of teaching yoga.

I currently spend most of my time trail running in Gatineau Park, training for triathlons, and teaching at Ottawa’s top high endurance gym in Hintonburg, Iron North Studio. With monthly programming which can be viewed in our schedule, I also invite you to check out my personal schedule below for a chance to connect in a studio setting! I look forward to interacting at the gym, on the trails, on the mat, at the beer bars, and online! Cheers and namaste!