MISSION: To promote health + happiness through a balanced lifestyle & mindful drinking by combining yoga, fitness + beer in a community setting.

YOGA + CRAFT BEER do really well at connecting us with the present moment, but the challenge is to become mindful of this space so we can fully experience the OMazing value self awareness adds to our overall health! Like a yoga pose, carefully crafted beer challenges us to take a pause and observe what we’re experiencing rather than acting on assumptions, such as I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible or just because a beer is darker it’s going to reflect coffee or chocolate. On a daily, and sometimes constant basis, we are distracted in any given moment by the responsibilities we uphold in our lives including our jobs, families, finances, health, goals, not to mention our own bullying of our self esteem, and this distracts us from what we’re really trying to do, which is love every second of our lives. We’ve developed a characteristic in our modern society where we rush forward to the next thing because of the pressure to stay “on top” of things so that maybe, maybe, we can fit in some of the other things we really want to do, like sit back, relax, and open a cold beer. So at YOGA ON TAP we make our concept simple to connect with + practice:

Balance our NEED TO DO’S {work, exercise, health eating, finances} with our WANT TO DO’S {friends, family, community, personal goals} to find optimal health + happiness!



HEALTH + HAPPINESS cannot be established without mental wellness. By practicing mindfulness in everything we do we can take
responsibility over that inner voice inside telling us what we can + cannot do, and turn it into a voice that is our biggest champion, even when we’ve had a few too many drinks, stayed up a little later than we should have, or couldn’t resist one more cookie (always the case over here).


TURNING OUR BLAME GAME INTO OUR “OWN IT” GAME!  We need to stop kidding ourselves. We are not perfect beings. We are flawed + constantly changing. There will always be more work to do, always more we can do to better ourselves, and there will always be failures. It’s time to step up to the challenge of taking responsibility over who we are and where we want to go instead of waiting for someone to take us there or blame the world around you for your poor situation. One of our favourite sayings is,

“If you are good to the universe, the universe will be good to you.”

To discuss this theory further engage with us online or any events out + about! Before you diss it, make sure you try it! Close your eyes, take a breathe + maybe one day you’ll find that your whole world awaits just inside!

ESTABLISHED IN OTTAWA in the summer of 2015 by Ashley Kokelj when she experienced alcohol in a different light after returning from her teacher training in Rishikesh India, YOGA ON TAP has grown into a cOMmunity of yoga + beer related events that focus on mindfulness, fitness + beer together to help connect us with our balance of health + happiness. If you’re thinking “gosh, I really need to do this more often,” chances are you probably should, but you have to want it enough to make it a priority.


RUN TO BEER OTTAWA Building on the success of our beer yoga program, we were happy to launch the Ottawa chapter of RUN TO BEER, which was founded out of Toronto in 2015. This program offers monthly and specialty group runs of varying distances from various local craft brewery’s and beer bars across Ottawa and provides participants a complimentary beverage at the end, introducing them to new brew’s and local businesses to support! See our Run to Beer Ottawa page for more details.

DO MORE OF IT! ——-> Whatever helps you slow down to appreciate the things in your life and take off some stress from your need to do priorities.  It doesn’t have to be practiced through yoga + beer, we just choose to use these tools to help you think about the bigger picture, all while enjoying a fun + inspiring stretch with a beer to explore after!