Owner + Beer Yogi

I grew up playing the guitar, painting, and acting, literally booking it in the opposite direction at any mention of physical activity. I began to learn about yoga from a book I bought in high school when searching for a natural therapy to aid in day to day mental health. Yoga helped me take control over the unhealthy areas in my life and take responsibility over who I wanted to be, what I wanted to accomplish, and how I wanted to feel. After the personal study of yoga for nearly 10 years, I quit my day job in commercial insurance to obtain my Ashtanga Vinyasa 200hr yoga teaching certification from Tattvaa Yogashala in Rishikesh, India, the yoga capital of the world.

Alcohol was banned in this North town of India and is strictly frowned apon on in the traditional yoga communities around the world. With alcohol, beer in particular, being a part of my upbringing and lifestyle, I found myself having to thinking long and hard about why and when I decide to drink. With this personal experience in mind as well as countless others surrounding alcohol abuse, the concept of drinking mindfully was born and has been used ever since to promote responsibility over how we interact with alcohol in our lives.

I created YOGA ON TAP at first as a mobile yoga + beer tasting workshop in partnership with various craft breweries across Ottawa in 2015 when I returned from my training in India and haven’t looked back once. I look forward to connecting participants to themselves, their beers and their communities at one of our next events in Ottawa or across Canada! If we’ve met you know I love to chat so don’t be shy and let’s connect!

Outside of YOGA ON TAP, I’m also lucky enough to teach at various other yoga studios across Ottawa and abroad so check out my personal schedule here or email me for more information! Thanks for supporting my local business and your wellness! Cheers and namaste!


Beer Yogi

Stefanie discovered yoga during university when she realized the calming effects the practice had on the mind and body. She continued her personal practice after that which lead her to pursue certification for a 200hour hatha teacher training. She enjoys teaching the types of classes she would take; energetic flows connecting movement with breath as well as creating strength in the body. As an avid road cyclist she knows first hand the cross-discipline benefits that yoga can provide for any athlete; creating balance in the body, increased flexibility, strength all helping to prevent injuries.

Beer Yogi

Trina was introduced to yoga through a scoliosis diagnosis at the age of 11 and in an attempt to correct the curvature in the spine, her yoga practice was born. Despite experiencing setbacks in an inevitable spinal fusion surgery, she realized the roots of her yoga practice went deeper than a scoliosis cure. Within the past two years, daily practice become a priority and the thirst to deepen her knowledge grew unbearable. It was then that she decided to step outside of her comfort zone and into the yoga teaching course. From 9-5 as a designated CPA, CA accountant, Trina craves to find balance in all areas of her life which easily translates into her yoga practice and love of craft beer. She believes a steady sense of humour can endure all and sets a single smile as the end goal for every class under her leadership. Luckily this will always be a guarantee as one will forever be smeared across her face given the opportunity to teach what she loves.

Beer Yogi

Katie loves to practice and teach yoga that is fun, fluid, and intelligently sequenced, yet safe and accessible for all levels of students. She is passionate about living a healthy, balanced life – embracing kale but also chocolate, lemon water but also craft beer – and finding joy in the everyday. Through her teachings, she loves inspiring others to move, breathe, and create wellness, acceptance, and balance in their own lives. Katie is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and also makes beautiful, skillfully crafted mala necklaces! Be sure to check out her links to see what she’s up to!

Will Ride for Beer Bike Leader

Jordan has been an athlete all his life. Continuing to feed his hunger for greatness, Jordan is happy to support our members in finding balance on the bike when it comes to understanding the in and out gears to cycling, how to ride safe on your own, in a group, and all about how to set goals before CRUSHING THEM! Jordan joined our team during our Bike to Beer program that began in July 2016 and will continue his involvement through special events involving anything bike, run, and beer related! We are grateful for the time Jordan takes from his insane training schedule to beer bum it around with us yogis and look forward to learning lots more from him as we grow stronger into the bike and run cOMmunities of Ottawa!