Beer Yogi

Trina was introduced to yoga through a scoliosis diagnosis at the age of 11 and in an attempt to correct the curvature in the spine, her yoga practice was born. Despite experiencing setbacks in an inevitable spinal fusion surgery, she realized the roots of her yoga practice went deeper than a scoliosis cure. Within the past two years, daily practice become a priority and the thirst to deepen her knowledge grew unbearable. It was then that she decided to step outside of her comfort zone and into the yoga teaching course. From 9-5 as a designated CPA, CA accountant, Trina craves to find balance in all areas of her life which easily translates into her yoga practice and love of craft beer. She believes a steady sense of humour can endure all and sets a single smile as the end goal for every class under her leadership. Luckily this will always be a guarantee as one will forever be smeared across her face given the opportunity to teach what she loves.

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